When a vehicle needs service or repairs during a long trip, it shall be taken to an authorized dealer who sells and services the make/model of the vehicle requiring repair. Other garages and service stations with qualified personnel may be utilized only when a dealer garage is not convenient.

Major Repair

A major repair is defined as an estimated expenditure in excess of $100. All major repairs must have prior approval from the Facilities Services Office. During office hours, call the Facilities Services Office at 507-389-5649 or the Minnesota State Mankato garage at 507-389-1119, after 5:00 p.m., call Security 507-389-2111. Additional Emergency numbers are on the CAO-38, Vehicle Request Form, in your state vehicle key pack and written in the "Vehicle Information" booklet stored in the vehicle's glove compartment.

Fleet Card Usage

The fleet credit card may be used to charge repairs if repairs were completed at a full service fuel stations only. If fuel card is not accepted a payment in cash or personal credit card may be made to the vendor. In such cases, the driver shall pay the vendor and see to it that a receipt is received which describes the nature and cost of the service, the vendor shall mark the receipt "paid in full." The Facilities Services Office shall arrange reimbursement for such payments by state approval. Reference the vehicle usage form for contact information in time of an incident.

Expenses incurred due to a state vehicle incident

Meals, lodging, transportation, etc., shall be paid by the department to which the vehicle was assigned. Exception may be based on a submitted appeal to the Facilities Office.

Towing and starting charges

All towing and starting charges will be paid by the Facilities Services Office if it is due to a mechanical failure with the State vehicle. If personal neglect causes vehicle failure, expense will be to the customer of the State vehicle. When this service is required within twenty-five miles of campus, the driver shall call the Facilities Services Office. In all other instances, the driver shall call the nearest garage or service station.

If repairs cannot be made

  1. Notify the Facilities Services Office (507-389-5649) or Minnesota State Mankato garage (507-389-1119) if the vehicle must be abandoned, after office hours, call Minnesota State University, Mankato Security (507-389-2111) and report the problem.
  2. Find alternative means of transportation back to campus if vehicle must be abandoned. Facilities Services will assist you as much as possible during this situation.