Winter Weather Driving

Minnesota State University, Mankato does not allow travel and will not issue keys for university vehicles during “No Travel Advisory” or “Road Closed Periods”.  The university feels the safety of our faculty, staff and students are at risk when travel is allowed during these time periods.

All university faculty, staff and students who have been issued keys prior to a travel advisory or road closure shall not operate state vehicles during “No Travel Advisory” or in “Road Closed Periods”.  If a No Travel Advisory or Road Closed period occurs while on the road, the operator shall find the nearest safe area to wait until the road restrictions are lifted.

Personnel may contact Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) Road Information:  Toll Free 1-800-542-0220 or Internet Site  for the most recent update on road conditions.  It is the responsibility of the driver to monitor road conditions and follow local authority direction when traveling in state or out of state.

Disciplinary actions and the authorization to use state vehicles may be revoked if travel is conducted during “No Travel Advisory” or “Road Closed Periods”.

Standard emergency kits are in each state passenger fleet vehicle.  Advanced emergency travel kits are available by request at the Facilities Services Office if extended travel plans are in process during the wintery months in a state vehicle.